TOUGHMAN IN 16 post race press release

The inaugural TOUGHMAN IN Noblesville was an all new venue for 2016 and as far as the athletes were concerned a HUGE success!  

Athletes in this year’s race donated medals for a charity that donates “earned” medals for kids battling cancer.

"A very flat, fast, scenic and well ran event. I will go back again next year." -Wayne Robinson

"I want to thank the people at Heartland Endurance Sports, Toughman Tri, and all of the volunteers! They put on a great race yesterday that was definitely worth the drive." - Alexandria Painter

"Toughman and Heartland Endurance Sports did a good job in my opinion.  A good tech shirt with all of the names that doesn’t cost extra, a nice visor, and a basic drawstring bag.  If you won your age group or overall you got a bottle of wine in addition to the extra medal."  - Alexandria Painter

"No better way to fall in love with Indiana (all over again) than to swim, bike and run it! Top Day!" - Blair Milo

"I didn't fall off my bike and I had fun! No doubt the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was awesome!!" - Blair Milo

"Thanks to you and the water crew on Saturday. That coupled with courteous competitors made this an event I would be happy to race again!" - Thomas James Hennig

"Had a blast volunteering for the TOUGHMAN Indiana at Noblesville. Congrats to all the Toughman Finishers and props to Heartland Endurance Sports for putting on a good race at their first 70.3!" - Corey Johnson

"A cool swim, windy bike and warm run made for a great day at Toughman Indiana 70.3. So many friends out there racing, volunteering and cheering. Thanks for all the work and effort the organizers and volunteers put in for this first year at Morse Reservoir!" - Jon Jay

"Thanks for a great race guys!! Truly outstanding!" - Nate Smith

Congratulations to overall winners Jeremy Reilly and Anna Markus with times of 4:26:29 and 5:11:23!

These plus 100 age finishers have qualified for the TOUGHMAN Half Iron National Championship on Sept. 18th in New York where they will compete for a cash purse of $4950. Athletes in the open division will compete for over $30,000 worth of awards. 

For more information on the TOUGHMAN Half Iron series:


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