A Quick Spin with VeloVie's Mike Morross

VeloVie was founded back in 2006 out of pure love for the sport of cycling, and a passion for creating the ultimate ride. In addition to making top of the line bikes, VeloVie has also switched up the buying experience by working direct with the consumers, ensuring them the lowest price and great customer support. We recently had the chance to sit down with VeloVie tech, Mike Morross, who has been involved with cycling since the 1970's. Growing up, his next door neighbor held the local Schwinn franchise which provided Mike the chance to attend the Schwinn mechanics school. In his twenties, he was corrupted by ultra marathon cycling and dreams of doing RAAM. His original UMCA membership number was three digits long. Since moving to AZ in 1997, he has served as both President and Newsletter Editor for Phoenix Metro Bicycling Club. And, before joining VeloVie in the summer of 2013, he was the lead mechanic at TriSports Tempe.

 Having been a part of the industry for over 20 years, you have had experience with almost every bike brand on the market. What is it that has attracted you to VeloVie from a brand perspective?

Without a doubt, bang for the buck. Such a big chunk of the end user's cost on most of the "big name" brands goes towards marketing and advertising. VeloVie and it's consumer direct business model allows us to offer the consumer a complete bike for less than what most other brands ask for just a frameset!

You currently ride VeloVie's latest Tri/TT model the Veloce 500. What are your initial thoughts on the bike?

First and foremost is comfort. I come from a deep background of ultra-marathon cycling - my Veloce 500 is honestly the first TT/tri bike I've owned that I would actually use to ride a double century or more. Another big plus for me is having two bottle mounts in the main triangle of the frame. I hate behind the saddle "bottle launchers", and BTA bottles that aren't insulated - I live in the desert! I really feel that the bike strikes a perfect balance between aerodynamics and practicality for the multisport athlete who travels via air to events. You're NOT going to need a factory certified mechanic to get the Veloce 500 into a flight case, or re-assembled at the hotel.

VeloVie uses 'extra-aero tubing' in the design of the frame, can you tell us more about what makes this shape more aerodynamic than the industry standard and how it sets VeloVie apart from other Tri/TT bikes out there?

I don't know about you, but I have NEVER raced in a wind tunnel. In the world where I live there are swirling canyon winds, wash coming off of passing cars and trucks, etc. As soon as some promoter comes up with an event where the wind direction will ALWAYS remain constant, I'll get more concerned with coefficient of drag (Cd) numbers from the tunnel. Real-world feel and efficiency - and the ability to hold your position - are what the Veloce 500 is all about.

The 'Carbon Axis Formula' is used in all of VeloVie's carbon bikes, can you tell us about this formula and what riders can expect to gain from a frame built with this feature?

The Carbon Axis Formula is VeloVie’s process for building high performance bicycle frames that are both light and stiff. It is not just a matter of picking one type of carbon and placing it in the mold, but a system of the right types of carbon being used at the right spots and being placed in the mold in just the right way.

The Carbon Axis Formula varies from model to model. It allows us to give particular frames the characteristics that we want. This is especially important with Tri bikes where the shape of the tubing is mostly dictated by aerodynamics, not ride quality. Laying the carbon via our formula we are able to build aerodynamic frames with outstanding ride quality as well.

What build options are available for this bike and what are the costs?

We work with SRAM, Rotor, Reynolds, Essor, FSA, Vision, and Selle Italia, to build race ready machines. From SRAM we offer 3 levels gruppos; Apex, Force and Red. All of which can be upgraded with Rotor cranks. We provide wheel options from both Reynolds and Essor. The Velcoe 500 uses a proprietary full carbon cockpit while the 100 comes with a Vision cockpit that is available in both alloy and carbon. Prices for a complete tri bikes range from $1699.00 for the Veloce 100 with Apex, to $3799.00 for the 500 with Red.

If you are serious about racing, we have a bike in your budget.

As we all know, bikes are changing every year with new technologies, designs and materials. Can you tell us about VVLX and how this program can help a rider keep up with all these changes?

Our VeloVie Loyality Xchange program is not only in place to keep up with the change in technology but also the growth of the rider. We know that the bike you bought two years ago may not be ideal for the way you ride today. For example, beginners get stronger and more aggressive and want a new bike that reflects that. VVLX allows you to exchange the bike that was perfect for you for one that is perfect for you. So, whether you or the technology get better, we want you to have the bike that will suit you best. Trading in your old frame or complete bike can get you a great discount on a new one.

How can our readers go about getting in the saddle of a Veloce 500?

We have all of our models for sale online at www.velovie.com. You can pick all your options on our site or give us a call and we can help you over the phone. Our sales staff can answer any questions and help you get the best build for budget.

Thanks Mike!  For more information on Velo Vie, check out their website here...


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