Infinit Nutrition Announces NAPALM

Cincinnati, OH ‐ Infinit Nutrition announces the launch of their newest product line, NAPALM, an eco‐friendly 100% pure crystalline powder that makes a customized gel when mixed with equal parts water. With no individual wrappers used in the NAPALM product line, the unique line of gels offers less mess and no waste. Athletes simply fill a gel‐flask, Fuel Belt or any container with the NAPALM powder and add water. The powder instantly turns into a ready‐to‐go and customized crystalline gel.

NAPALM is 100% all natural and is available in two custom formulas plus a grape flavor. Unlike other gels that are thick in consistency, NAPALM offers a great texture and delicious way to replace the standard gels that are hard to get down. NAPALM contains four different carbohydrates for maximum absorption and higher levels of four electrolytes for rapid energy.

As with other INFINIT products, NAPALM is economical and offers more servings for a lower cost. Each bag contains 35 x 100 calorie servings, which is the equivalent to 35 gel packs.

"Not only do we want to make the highest quality nutritional supplements, but we want to do it as cost‐conscious and eco‐friendly as we can," said Michael Folan, Founder and President of Infinit Nutrition. "We are constantly revolutionizing the nutrition market through customization, and this is another innovation that we know will make an impact upon the athletic community."

About INFINIT Nutrition: Founded in 2004, INFINIT Nutrition produces premium private‐label and custom‐blended sports nutrition and has active production facilities in Australia, Canada, Great Britian, Germany, and the United States. INFINIT's website ( and patented Osmo‐Fit Osmolality technology allows athletes to fully adjust calories per serving, electrolytes, flavor, and five other distinct nutritional properties to match nutritional and race‐day environment requirements.

For further information and press inquiries about INFINIT, please visit


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