Xtri.com can reasonably claim to be one of the oldest continuously updated triathlon web sites on the Internet. A quick check of the Internet's "whois" domain records backs this up. It shows that our alter-ego - and original domain name - extremetri.com was registered on 29 March 1998. Plug that address into your browser now and you'll still reach us, but in our latest incarnation.

extremetri.com's registration predates that of some of the other heavy hitters of the tri-net community such as ironmanlive.com (31 August 1998), triathletemag.com (13 January 1999) and slowtwitch.com (2 August 1999). Only the clever minds at Inside Communications were ahead of the game, registering insidetri.com way, way back on 20 June 1995. Even so, we're pretty confident a web site didn't appear at that address until much later.

In fact, xtri.com's history goes back even further, as explained by founder, Rob Docherty in his farewell article published in February 2006, after he had reluctantly relinquished control of his site to his successor as editor, Alison Hunt.

Since xtri's inception, many triathlon web sites have come and gone, some with fanfare and marketing budgets well beyond the modest means available to us here. Does anyone remember kjerag.com? Throughout that time, xtri.com has continued to be updated on a daily basis with the latest news, photos, results and personal tales from long-course triathlon around the world.

In early 2000, the web site moved into the database age, since when every article published has been maintained within the bulging indexes of the site. Even some older stories have been added for posterity, such as the first race report from the Hawaii Ironman published by us in 1998. It remains an unfinished project to resurrect all of the early 1998 and 1999 reports and archive them on the site.

It all adds up to certainly one of the largest triathlon resources on the Internet. As of this writing (March 2011), over 12,000 pages of text comprise 6500+ articles in the archives. The site is routinely visited by more than 200,000 unique IPs per month and generates in excess of 2.5 million page views per month. As an independent web site with a user forum and limited to a very specific area of triathlon, those figures bear testimony to the special regard with which this site is held by the wider triathlon community.

In 2006, Xtri was acquired by longtime advertiser Ann Malik, COO of Fuel Belt, Inc. The site was relaunched in 2007 with Betsy Delcour at the helm as Managing Editor which led to exponential viewership. Today, Xtri continues to be one of the premier online destinations for endurance athletes and is skillfully managed by Scott Forrestall and Colleen Riley. The new 2011 relaunch is a reflection of the fast pace of an ever changing industry and a far reaching audience. Our team is committed to bringing you the latest news and content each day through a broad range of contributors.

We thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the latest edition of Xtri.com.


The Xtri Team

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