There are a couple of pieces of information that an athlete needs to know before starting a training session: how long or far will the training session:

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Strava’s Plan to Revolutionize Commuting
With the launch of Strava Metro, the Bay Area-based online fitness company hopes to become an advocate for its users.  
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Jorgensen Leads U.S. Elites into ITU World Triathlon Yokohama
On the heels of a bronze medal finish last month in Cape Town, U.S. National Team member and 2012 Olympian Gwen Jorgensen leads a team of seven Americans into ITU
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What's Up, Doc? Key Medical Tests for Triathletes When it comes to your health, and the byproduct, your performance, what do the sports docs recommend to keep the motor hummin’? Alysia Bedgood, MD
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Mission Apolo: Episode 1 World-champion speedskater Apolo Ohno has come out of retirement to take on the biggest athletic challenge of his career. Together with Women's Health
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Industry Buzz

Triathlete Europe To Go Digital-Only
Competitor Media UK Limited today announced the company’s strategic decision to cease production of future issues of the print edition of Triathlete Europe Magazine.
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FuelBelt, Inc. is excited to announce Monsoon Group, LLC as FuelBelt's new sales representative agency in the Florida territory and will now lead FuelBelt sales at run
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Interbike plans Industry Awards Gala Interbike is planning its first industry awards gala, to be held during its Las Vegas expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center this September.
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Rev3 returns to Knoxville for the Series Championship Knoxville to host its 5th annual Rev3 Triathlon May 17 and 18th
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