Xtri had a chance to sit down with Brian Enge of Active.com to find out about an exciting new program they created for the Endurance Consumer...

So we have heard about an exciting new program Active Network is starting next week

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Why Swimming Year-Round Can Be Hazardous To Your A Race
Swimming holds a unique space in triathlon. It’s the shortest of all three distances on race day, yet it often holds the highest level of stress. From our perspective as coaches
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Day in the Life with Cait Snow: Kona and its Aftershock
Mentally, leading up to Kona, I was in a different place than I’ve been in years past. While I didn’t slack off at all, I felt a lot more relaxed, especially in the hours between training sessions.
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Kona 2013 – Pro Men Bike Fit Analysis: Part 1 Here is Part 1 of Todd Kenyon's Pro Men bike fit analysis videos. This video looks at the fit of Andrew Starykowicz, Sebastian Kienle, and Luke McKenzie. Todd compares various fit
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Heather Gollnick: Welcome to the Off-Season! Welcome to the off-season, a time to look at what went well during your season and what went not so well (or yes, stunk). You either had the season of your life – (think PR)
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Industry Buzz

2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championship - Pro Race Day Video
Here is a complete video recap of the incredible pro race that took place yesterday in Kona.  Perfect conditions lead to a race for the history books! 
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Meredith Kessler's Race Day Power Data and Analysis
At today's race Meredith Kessler proved why she's one of the sports top riders. She was able to hold 213 watts, or 3.6 watts/kg, a number we see from many pro men.
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IRONMAN Adds New Races to 2014 Schedule IRONMAN today announced its calendar for the 2014 IRONMAN European Tour adding three new races, IRONMAN Mallorca in Alcudia, Spain on 27th September
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Evolution is here - Boardman Bikes launches its all-new Elite Series flagship bike platform - AiR/TTE. After 3 years of intense development Boardman Bikes launches its Boardman Elite Series flagship aero bike platform - the AiR/TTE. The all-new aerodynamic
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