Xtri had a chance to sit down with Brian Enge of Active.com to find out about an exciting new program they created for the Endurance Consumer...

So we have heard about an exciting new program Active Network is starting next week

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Pedro Gomes: A Podium at IMFL (Garmin Data Files Included)
Over 100 pro athletes gathered in Panama City Beach for this years’ Ironman Florida, topping a grand total of 3000 athletes competing. This was likely one
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Off Season Training
If you were to ask me what the most difficult month in the triathlon calendar is for the northern hemisphere is. I would say it is November. But not because of all the training
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Mark Allen: Kona 2013 - Epic! What could be more impressive or inspiring than witnessing about two thousand super fit individuals giving it their all for up to seventeen hours in a landscape that in
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Ben Hoffman: Ironman Hawaii Reaction “The Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon seems to be an inhumane attempt to tax the body beyond all comprehension and award the survivor – if any – with a trophy,”
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Industry Buzz

Mark Allen Shares Insight Into His New Book The Art of Competition
A lot of people have asked 6-Time Hawaii Ironman World Champion Mark Allen just what was the mindset that enabled him to be so consistent and so successful during his career.
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Triathlete's company to build high-tech bikes in Des Moines
When Des Moines triathlete T.J. Tollakson competes in Ironman Arizona three weeks from now in Tempe, Ariz., he'll be riding a DiMOND Bike, a high-performance bicycle  
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RUDY PROJECT NAMED THE OFFICIAL HELMET OF IRONMAN FOR NORTH AMERICA Rudy Project, Italian designers and engineers of precision helmets, and IRONMAN today announced Rudy Project as the Official Helmet of IRONMAN® for North America.
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Challenge Weymouth announced as Challenge Family’s new UK home Famous for its fine Georgian seafront and long golden, sandy beaches; the views from Weymouth Bay are truly spectacular and make for a unique new race site.
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