Xtri had a chance to sit down with Brian Enge of Active.com to find out about an exciting new program they created for the Endurance Consumer...

So we have heard about an exciting new program Active Network is starting next week

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Season's End in Shepparton
I'm stretching things a bit blogging two weeks after an event, but amid some pretty tardy (and some unintentionally omitted) entries this year it's just a good thing I'm getting it done.
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Mark Allen: Adaptation
As human beings we are very adaptable. We can become accustomed to unique situations and start to perceive them as normal. We quickly respond to them in
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Asker Jeukendrup: The Triathlete behind the Gatorade Sports Science Institute Xtri.com had the privilege to spend time with Asker Jeukendrup PhD, the Global Senior Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI). Asker leads GSSI in global efforts
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Why Swimming Year-Round Can Be Hazardous To Your A Race Swimming holds a unique space in triathlon. It’s the shortest of all three distances on race day, yet it often holds the highest level of stress. From our perspective as coaches
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Industry Buzz

Bid to have David Beckham race the Hawaii Ironman triathlon heats up
IRONMAN officials have confirmed they are now in talks with football superstar David Beckham in a bid to entice him to try his hand at racing the toughest one-day race
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In Land of Second Chances, Rwanda Is Reborn
Hailed as "the sports book of the year," Land of Second Chances is the astonishing true story of four men determined to rebuild the hopes of a broken nation.
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Triathlon Industry Small Business Owners Team Together To Bring Athletes Valued Services Triathlon competition is not just reserved for race day. As the industry has exploded, so have the opportunities for a variety of small businesses ranging from retail operations
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XTERRA England 2013 sets date for Sky Sports XTERRA England, the off-road triathlon festival raced and won by Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack on the 8th September, will be screened on Sky Sports 4 as part of an extended
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