Xtri had a chance to sit down with Brian Enge of Active.com to find out about an exciting new program they created for the Endurance Consumer...

So we have heard about an exciting new program Active Network is starting next week

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Mark Allen: The Kona Marathon
In 1989 Dave Scott and I put together the two fastest Ironman marathons in Kona to date (2:40:04 and 2:41:03, which included the bike to run transition). Both times if
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Luke McKenzie Stops by for a Quick Chat
With just over a week left before the big day, we checked in with Luke McKenzie from Kona.  Heading into his 7th Kona, Luke feels ready to take on whatever surprises the Big Island
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Macca Opens Up on Kona Two-time World Champion, Chris McCormack is heading to the big island this year, but unfortunately not to race. About a month ago Chris fell ill with a serious virus, which
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Luke McKenzie: Life in Kona is Good It’s hard to believe we have already been in Kona for a week! It’s now less than two weeks till race day and the town is starting to transform from it’s sleepy self to crazy tri
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Industry Buzz

2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championship - Pro Race Day Video
Here is a complete video recap of the incredible pro race that took place yesterday in Kona.  Perfect conditions lead to a race for the history books! 
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Meredith Kessler's Race Day Power Data and Analysis
At today's race Meredith Kessler proved why she's one of the sports top riders. She was able to hold 213 watts, or 3.6 watts/kg, a number we see from many pro men.
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IRONMAN Adds New Races to 2014 Schedule IRONMAN today announced its calendar for the 2014 IRONMAN European Tour adding three new races, IRONMAN Mallorca in Alcudia, Spain on 27th September
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Evolution is here - Boardman Bikes launches its all-new Elite Series flagship bike platform - AiR/TTE. After 3 years of intense development Boardman Bikes launches its Boardman Elite Series flagship aero bike platform - the AiR/TTE. The all-new aerodynamic
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